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Take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive suite of courseware and classes for pilots, maintenance technicians, dispatchers, and more. Spanning traditional textbooks and e-books, reference materials, online ground schools, and avionics training, these materials are aligned to global training standards and offer flexible, cost-effective learning opportunities.

Our Products and Services

Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Certificate

Our rich curriculum includes interactive online courses, textbooks, student and instructor guides, and preparation materials for certification.

Jeppesen Multi-Engine

Everything you need to know about multi-engine ratings, whether you’re a private or commercial pilot seeking to add it to your existing certificate or an instructor creating your own course.

Jeppesen Dispatcher

Obtain your FAA or NAA Aircraft Dispatcher License, satisfy your recurrent training requirement, or expand your career opportunities with our online and traditional courses and educational materials.

Jeppesen Airline Transport Pilot (FAA or EASA)

Our comprehensive program includes multimedia content such as the latest editions of the official FAA and EASA textbooks, e-books, PC downloads, and more.

Jeppesen Technician (EASA Part 66 and FAA Part 147)

Our full library of standardized and integrated multimedia products offers unsupervised study with the latest information, detailed graphics, and continuous progress testing.

Jeppesen Pilot Supplies

Increase your preparedness and decrease your stress with our large selection of high-quality pilot supplies. Whether you fly instrument flight rules or visual flight rules, for your living or your passion, our pilot supplies have everything you need to make your next flight your best.

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