Exchange Programs

The best option for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Minimize inventory costs and maintain aircraft dispatch reliability when a high-value part becomes unserviceable or needs overhaul. Our flexible solutions provide instant access to a broad inventory of Boeing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components and expert services.

Our Products and Services

Component Services

Increase efficiency in the management of high-value, line replaceable units (LRU) with our rotable exchange and repair services.

Landing Gear Exchange Program

Meet mandatory replacement requirements, usually two per the life cycle of an airplane, with our overhaul service that provides OEM-certified parts, adequate lead time, and parts expertise.

Flight Control Services

Exchange an unserviceable high-value part or schedule an overhaul by using this customer exchange program, eliminating the need to contract, schedule, or manage the repair. We have the industry’s largest flight-control component inventory.

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