Consumable and
Expendable Services

The easiest, most cost-effective supply solution

Eliminate shortages, reduce costs, and improve cash flow with the world’s largest network of consumable and expendable parts. We manage the supply chain and own the material until you use it, so you eliminate or greatly reduce the need to hold buffer stock.

Our Products and Services

Chemical Solutions

Minimize waste and reduce overall cost of chemical management by tailoring a solution that fits your needs. Boeing offers more than 36,000 chemical products with full traceability and hazmat storage solutions.


Simplify your supply chain and decrease disruptions and downtime with our fully integrated, global solution focused on meeting the unique inventory, stocking, and delivery requirements for consumables.


Reduce logistical complexity and cost, improve cash flow, and secure guaranteed parts availability with single-point access to our fully integrated, global expendables management solution.

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