Boeing Digital Direct

Bring your onboard experience to life

Boeing Digital Direct is our new wireless IFE and digital services platform — we partner with airlines like yours to bring your onboard experience to life. From great entertainment content to ancillary revenue goals to third party integration, we’re here to help.

Drive customer satisfaction with a slick UI and a wide selection of entertainment available via passenger devices. Support ancillary revenue streams with inflight retail integration for food and beverage ordering, destination experience sales, and targeted advertising. Our customizable product modules can also help COVID response efforts. On the backend, you get actionable user data to optimize the experience.

And importantly, we make it easy. Digital Direct can be installed in your overhead bin or integrated into an existing wireless network.

Digital Direct is the result of a strategic partnership between Boeing and technology firm Immfly, a HorizonX portfolio company. Learn more here.


Digital Direct Benefits

Boeing Digital Direct is a savvy wireless inflight entertainment platform capable of improving customer satisfaction, driving ancillary revenue, and supporting your touchless cabin initiatives.

• Generate ancillary revenue with digital inflight retail including, destination experiences, advertising, and more.
• Bring onboard food and beverage retail programs to life with third-party integrations.
• Offer secure, studio-approved browser-based streaming (no app download required).
• Integrate touchless with crew-passenger communication tools and digitization of printed materials.
• Easily install into the overhead bin or integrate with your current onboard wireless network.
• Utilize industry-leading remote system management.

Digital Direct Features

With Boeing Digital Direct, your airline gets a robust wireless inflight entertainment and ancillary revenue platform with special features to meet your needs.

• Use on any commercial aircraft type.
• Match your customers’ preferences with a wide selection of content.
• Rapidly integrate with third-party suppliers.
• Incorporate our payment gateway for onboard sales.
• Pair with inflight internet, crew services, loyalty and other programs.
• Eliminate the need for battery charging.


The story behind Boeing Digital Direct

Discover more about the innovation behind Boeing Digital Direct in this recent article by David McGowan.

Delivering on the ancillary revenue promise with Boeing Digital Direct

Learn how Digital Direct combines e-commerce, digital advertising assets, and technical expertise to enhance the bottom line for airlines.

Add ancillary revenue to your bottom line

Learn more about how airlines can deliver meaningful incremental inflight revenue in the cabin with digital services by watching our recent webinar panel discussion with Boeing, Immfly and other onboard retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below to read some of our most frequent questions.

How does Boeing Digital Direct Work?

What is Boeing Digital Direct?

Boeing Digital Direct is a wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) and digital services platform that supports airline passenger experience and ancillary revenue strategy. Digital Direct is a product offered exclusively by Boeing, in partnership with Immfly, a technology company that designs, develops and manages inflight digital services.


Do passengers need to download an app?

No! The platform is a web-based portal that does not require downloading a separate application onto user devices. The content can be accessed wirelessly on passengers’ mobile devices regardless of internet connectivity inflight. Content is cached/stored in a server and distributed to passengers via wireless access points (WAPs) throughout the cabin.


What does Boeing support look like following installation?

Boeing will have a team ready to respond to in-service concerns, including 24/7 support for both hardware and software issues.

How is Boeing Digital Direct installed?

Is the product available as a retrofit option, production, or both?

The product will be launched as a retrofit option under Boeing Global Services. Future line-fit solutions are currently under study.


How is the system installed?

The system is installed in the overhead bin and designed to be powered by the aircraft, eliminating the need for battery removal and charging. This one LRU (line replaceable unit) is comprised of an integrated server, WAP (wireless access point), and cellular modem. A digital-only version is also available to integrate into an existing wireless network.


Who can use Boeing Digital Direct?

The product is available to all commercial airlines (both Boeing and non-Boeing operators).

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