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Maintenance Optimization

Conquer your toughest maintenance challenges

Cut costs, boost efficiency, and improve the quality and speed of your planning and decision-making with one of our targeted maintenance solutions. Designed in partnership with customers like you, each solution is part of a larger suite that integrates seamlessly with other digital applications for even greater value and efficiency.

Our Products and Services

Airplane Health Management

Substantially reduce schedule interruptions and increase maintenance efficiency with this diagnostic and prognostic decision-support tool that combines real-time in flight data and historical fix information.

Software Distribution Manager

Increase productivity and reduce risk with our cloud-based solution that manages the secure flow of operational data to and from the aircraft while it is on the ground.

Maintenance Turn Time

Improve efficiency by simultaneously troubleshooting systems and structural defects while also documenting unscheduled work tasks using mobile devices. The collaboration feature lets users share information securely throughout their organization.

AerData Engine Fleet Planning and Costing (EFPAC)

Reduce annual engine maintenance costs up to 15 percent or more with our solution that allows engineering, finance, and planning teams to work together and proactively manage risk.

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