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Leverage 85 years of navigation expertise

Entrust your navigation to the creators of the world’s most reliable electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions. Our uniquely flexible and scalable approach is designed to help you transform your operations from where you are now to where you want to be tomorrow, whether that requires a full digital transformation or a customized combination of paper-based and digital navigation products and services.

Our Products and Services

Jeppesen Aviator

Reduce pilot heads-down time and distraction with the industry’s leading integrated suite of EFB tools that centralize all of your information in one intuitive interface. Aviator’s multiple specialized modules include Aviator Briefing, which increases the quality and timeliness of flight briefings and post-flight analysis by offering a complete digitization of the flight briefing process.

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro

Access all the aeronautical maps, charts, manuals, and documents needed for paperless flying with the airline industry’s leading mobile app. It is the preferred navigation solution for airlines aiming to minimize operational interruptions.

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro X

Access pertinent enroute weather, flight, NOTAM, and airport data on the ground and in the air to enhance pilot workflow on the flight deck, limit interruptions, and boost efficiency.

Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck IFR

Turn to a more efficient, paperless cockpit and improve decision-making during instrument flight rules conditions using interactive rendered charts and data delivered to an iPad.

Jeppesen JeppView

Decrease flight planning time and provide a flight deck backup with the application that makes it easy for you to search, view, print, save, and organize charts along your planned route.

Jeppesen Airport Moving Maps

Improve pilot situational awareness during ground movements through ownship depiction on highly detailed mobile EFB maps. The app displays dynamic renderings of runways, taxiways, stop bars, and other airport structures to improve runway navigation, particularly at large or unfamiliar airports or during times of poor visibility.

Onboard Performance Tool (OPT)

Enable flight crew and ground personnel to perform real-time weight and balance, takeoff, and landing calculations for Boeing airframes. The tool reduces maintenance costs caused by engine wear and tear and optimizes passenger and cargo capacity.

Jeppesen NOTAM Management Tool

Reduce flight planning and briefing times with our customizable tool that enables pilots and dispatchers to search, sort, filter, edit, and create NOTAMs worldwide.

Jeppesen ForeFlight + Jeppesen Mobile EFB

Reap the benefits when two industry leaders come together to make a great app even better. ForeFlight’s robust EFB now incorporates Jeppesen’s proven navigation, flight information, and operation solutions. Now available in both America and Europe.

Jeppesen Charts and NavData

Jeppesen chart services and terminal charts set the worldwide standard for current, reliable navigation information. Our charts, which we create from scratch and error-check with up to 16 data-verifying calculations, are used by more pilots worldwide than any other.

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