Flight Planning
and Dispatch

The tools and expertise to help you take flight

Decrease costs, increase efficiency, and expand your capacity with our flexible suite of flight-planning products and services. Whether you’re looking to augment your current system with powerful real-time functionality or seeking to expand your dispatch capability, we’re ready to help you take your operation to the next level.

Our Products and Services

Jeppesen FlitePlan Online

Factor in intelligent routing, weather concerns, and aircraft weight control automatically. This secure web solution enables pilots to create and put in motion the most pinpointed and successful flight plans.

Jeppesen JetPlanner Pro

For the greatest flight-planning and dispatch efficiencies, use our fuel-, time-, and cost-performance index in concert with scheduling, maintenance, and fuel analysis.

Jeppesen + Tapestry Mission Management Suite (M2S)

Leverage modern aircraft and communications systems capabilities within complex flight operations environments with the modern, integrated Air Operations Center (AOC) management and monitoring system that provides direct and simplified access to supporting applications and tools.

Jeppesen MilPlanner

Increase efficiency and flexibility and lower operating costs when planning government and military operations of every size, complexity, and duration with the only tool powered by our industry-leading flight planning engine NavData.

Jeppesen OpsData (includes Runway Analysis)

Save time and fuel costs by using the most comprehensive airport, runway, and aircraft performance data available.

Jeppesen FliteBrief

Go paperless, cut costs, and improve turnaround times with our crew-briefing and flight-monitoring system. FliteBrief enables pilots, dispatchers, and airline operations to deliver briefing packages directly to a crew mobile device or desktop computer.

Jeppesen Weather

Track the weather before and during each flight with this app. With data supplied by The Weather Company, get up-to-date weather, turbulence, and icing briefings.

Jeppesen Aircraft Routing

Evaluate new-market scenarios and minimize disruptions caused by major fleet changes with this software solution, which measures unique fleet characteristics to help you boost profitability.

Jeppesen Weight and Balance

This digital calculator makes it easy to properly load your aircraft to climb and cruise faster and ensure efficient in-flight performance. The software is easy to learn and use, and adapts to any setup.

Jeppesen Contract Dispatch Service

Focus more on other flight operations by letting us increase your dispatch and flight planning capability. Dispatch Service offers a full-service department of FAA-certified dispatchers who can support your dispatch planning 24/7.

Jeppesen FliteSupport Services

Increase your capabilities without increasing costs with our 24/7 trip planning, dispatch, and fueling services tailored to your organization’s unique policies and government regulations.

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