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Flight Data Analytics

Harness big data to yield significant savings and maintain the highest safety standards

Put the power of advanced data science at your fingertips. The Flight Data Analytics Suite is composed of advanced analytics solutions developed by aviation experts around a common flight data processing core. Built to handle recorded flight data from tens of thousands of flights along with other contextual data sources – the core technology provides secure, tailored access to a shared data set across an operation. Each solution in the Flight Data Analytics Suite leverages integrated data analytics capabilities, giving operators faster times to insights on factors that have the biggest impact on safety, efficiency, and the bottom line.

Webinar Series

Gain fast, actionable insights from vast amounts of flight data to answer your operation’s most challenging questions

Learn how the Flight Data Analytics Suite provides advanced analytics solutions for safety, fuel and operational efficiency. Click below to access the six-part recorded webinar series.

Featured Offerings

Flight Operational Quality Assurance / Flight Data Monitoring

Continuously improve your flight operations with Flight Operational Quality Assurance. Gain the sophisticated safety analysis and actionable insights you need to keep advancing your operation.

Insight Accelerator

Leverage this advanced analytics solution to derive prognostic insights and create alerting algorithms for effective predictive maintenance.

Fuel Dashboard and Pilot Insights Mobile Application

Gain complete visibility into your fuel consumption and decrease your fuel spend by up to 4 percent. Analyze more than 600 parameters per flight and see flight-by-flight comparisons for each fuel-saving initiative.

Emissions Reporter

Emissions Reporter helps you to quickly and easily meet the mandatory legislative requirements of CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) – ICAO’s approach to managing carbon emissions from aviation.

Self-Service Analytics

Get the tools you need to discover fleet-wide issues and new opportunities for increasing reliability, operational efficiency, and performance with this cloud-based descriptive analytics solution.

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