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Improve productivity, decrease costs, and increase passenger satisfaction with our intuitive tools. Our intelligent flight and fuel optimization solutions empower people on the ground and in the cockpit with real-time data to improve the performance of each and every flight.

Our Products and Services

Jeppesen Emissions Reporter

Reduce aircraft emissions and cut costs with this self-auditing, aviation-aligned program, which manages data from thousands of flights to comply with regulations.

Jeppesen Fuel Dashboard

Join thousands of airplanes around the world in reducing fuel consumption by 1 to 3 percent. This advanced analytics suite enables smarter and more informed flight decisions with easy-to-understand visuals.

Boeing Wind Updates

Rather than depending solely on preflight information, you can adapt to changing weather conditions by using our optimization network. Wind Updates monitors each flight’s wind and temperature readings to enable course changes and provide economic benefit.

Boeing FliteDeck Advisor

Reduce fuel and time costs by up to 2 percent by accessing real-time, in-air advisories. Combining Boeing proprietary algorithms with historical data, this tool enables crew members to better control fuel burn, arrival times, and passenger comfort.

Jeppesen RouteSync

Shorten turnaround times by 5 to 10 minutes by automatically synchronizing and monitoring flight route and performance data between your airline’s operation center and the airplane’s flight management computer.

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