Data Solutions

Your systems are only as good as their data

Improve accuracy, efficiency, and safety using the same high-quality data already powering many of the latest advances in electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS), multi-function devices (MFD), and primary flight displays (PFD). Our Data Solutions cover everything you need to fly your best, whether it’s navigation, obstacle, terrain, or even cultural data.

Our Products and Services

Jeppesen Ground Controls

Manage, preview, and synchronize data, navigational charts, and maps with this secure web application. It increases productivity, accuracy, and flexibility and backs up everything in a single document while providing your pilots with a secure backup to prevent operational disruptions.

Jeppesen Ground Controls—Inserted Content 

Add, revise, or delete custom charts and company content on a pilot’s mobile device on-demand with total access to chart change history.

Jeppesen Ground Controls—Tailored Maps 

Supplement enroute data with airline-specific and other relevant operating information uploaded to the pilot’s mobile device. Examples of data include Extended Operations (ETOPS) range rings, company airports, and location-based communications.

Jeppesen Ground Controls—Trip Kit 

Ensure your pilots always have the latest navigational charts with this web-based content backup service.

Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) Pro

Send flight-relevant content to your pilots’ mobile devices by using this data distribution platform. Use our highly available cloud or your own local network to satisfy restrictions imposed by some countries and militaries.

NavData, Obstacles, and Terrain

Get three times the coverage of the competition by accessing the most comprehensive and accurate aeronautical data available. Worldwide navigation content covers more than 18,600 airports worldwide.

Jeppesen eLink 

Access updated electronic terminal charts, documentation, and other flight information with this digital chart library. In this electronic format, pilots can receive the latest revisions and search, view, organize, and print charts.

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