Maintenance and
Engineering Consulting

Cut your process flow time in half

Reduce maintenance labor costs up to 15 percent and material costs up to 20 percent when our expert team puts our OEM knowledge and proprietary methods to work for you. Working with your people, we can quickly pinpoint the root causes of problems and recommend specific changes to fix airplane issues, improve the dependability of your fleet, and support your airline fleet plan.

Our Products and Services

Maintenance Procedure Development

Streamline operations and improve fleet dependability with a full diagnostic treatment of maintenance procedures that can pinpoint root causes and recommended solutions to aircraft issues.


Receive route analysis and supportive data to help you understand and meet the requirements for regulatory approval and continued airworthiness of the engine and airplane combinations used in Extended Operations (ETOPS).

Fuel Consulting

Reduce one of your largest operating expenses by partnering with our teams of industry experts who help identify fuel-saving opportunities and provide proven methodologies to reduce your fuel consumption.

Operating Certificate Assistance

Our innovative simulators and software programs provide tailored training to help pilots, technicians, and flight crews meet aviation requirements. They are available at a dozen training centers in multiple countries.

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